Creating Incoming Links

In my last post I talked a little about how to ensure a site is Search Engine Optimized, and promised to post on ways to create incoming links – because the more links on other sites that go back to your site the sexier google thinks you and your site are. (PS. Do you like the image? I drew it in illustrator myself….).

As I mentioned briefly in my last post, all links are not created equal. Google rates more highly links that are from 1) other articles about the same topic as the searcher is looking for and 2) sites with important domain names.

Fortunately, most of the social media sites in existence have dominant domain names. One of the reasons they have dominant domain names is because they generally have a lot of links (both incoming and outgoing). So, Google sees them as important.

This is important to remember because you want those sites to have links to your site on them (which in turn will improve your googleability – which I wrote a whole piece on here). This, my friends, is how you market online – you try to gain exposure, which means you try to get a lot of incoming links which, in turn, increases your ranking in Google search results, sending more people to your blog.

Until the whole world reads you and finds out how amazingly awesome you are and links back to your site (and you ARE awesome, because you’re reading my blog), one way to help promote yourself is to link back to your site from your profile on various social media sites.

This has one additional benefit – it improves your personal brand (haven’t heard that term before? Check out this awesome piece from Lindsey Pollak and Dan Schawbel). Which means when someone types your first and last name into Google, the results they get are more likely to be linked to the real you (and, if you mention your company in your profile on each site, it will do the same for your company). 

For example, if you type MY name into Google (and I know this because I do it frequently) all of the following sites come up:
Twitter (the account I maintain for Pet Business Mag)
Brazen Careerist
Linked In
Facebook (not really – I have a private fb page, but the site belongs on this list)
Times People / The New York Times
Slate / Double X
We the Bistro

Student Pulse

(As well as a few other places where I’ve published content or contributed work)

There are two types of sites included in the above list that are not social media sites. WordPress,, We the ‘Bistro, and Student Pulse (and possibly twitter) are all places where I’ve published content for free (as in, they didn’t pay me AND I didn’t pay them). The New York Times and Slate are websites where I can and have commented on published articles – and included my real name in my signature. All the others are sites where I have profiles. And all of the sites in all three categories are sites that Google sees as “important.” So, if you’d like to create some incoming links, check out the sites on this list and add content, comment on content, or join and create a profile.

Are there any sites you’re on that I didn’t mention? Let me know! I’m always on the lookout for additional sites in these three categories.

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