Defining My Business

In chapter 2 Parker discusses the importance of defining your business. Before finding the right business model, Parker tried several other ideas and had them fail because of a lack of focus. She hadn’t thought out who she would write for, and what she would be writing.

So I am taking a critical look at who I want to work with and what I want to do for those clients.

I have said all along that I want to work with small businesses on developing their brands via the written word. I want to help by creating brochures, website content, company profiles, press kits, press releases, sales letters – anything that requires translating their business into words that will then go out to their potential clients.

That means, first and foremost, that I need samples. In this case, I can’t think of a better way to “create” samples then to do so for myself.

So, if you check out my goals, you’ll see that I’ve added creating sample work to my goals for this month.

Now the problem that Parker outlines for working with small businesses is that a lot of the time they are one-hit-wonders. They need these documents when starting their companies, and then do not need them again for quite a while – if at all.

This means that the writer targeting that demographic has to constantly be marketing her/himself and looking for new clients, which is a lot more work than establishing a clientele that consists of medium to large size businesses, which need writers more frequently.

This is a serious point that I need to consider. How can I have a constant stream of work if I need to constantly find new customers? It makes it a lot more difficult. However, I think I have a possible solution.

Part of the reason working with small businesses appeals to me so much is because I really enjoy working with people who are passionate about what they do. I find it refreshing to talk to someone who may not know a lot about writing, but who has put a lot of time and work into their company because they really believe in it. I find those kinds of people inspiring.

So that I can continue to do that, I am going to try and find small businesses who manufacture products. Those companies will need regular press releases, even if nothing else. I can then work on a quarterly basis, touching base as each new “season” goes into manufacturing. Initially, I’ll be able to create all the “start-up” materials; then I can work with them on press releases and seasonal catalogs.

The issue now is finding these companies, and finding a way to reach out to each of them. And that’s where another of my goals for this month comes in. I’m going to sign up for a small business networking event as soon as I get my business cards printed (which will hopefully be after I get paid this week – depending on the printer). Hopefully, that will put me in the perfect position to meet a few potential new clients – or at least collect some business cards. And later I can follow up with pricing and other information.

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