Looking through the telescope – how I got here

In chapter one Parker shares how she got her start. So, since this is my last post on chapter one, I thought I’d share how I’ve come to be where I am. During college I decided I wanted to go into publishing; preferably on the editorial side of things. While working on my undergraduate degree I did an independent study on becoming a freelancer, with the goal of developing a few writing samples. I picked up several books on freelancing, and my first copy of Writer’s Market and started looking for low-key places to publish a few articles.

By the end of the semester I had several clips. I had conducted and transcribed interviews, and gotten my feet wet. When I graduated, based on the clips I had written for my independent study, on a great recommendation from the woman I did my internship under at Columbia University Press and on the idea that I was working to earn my Master’s degree, I quickly found my current job. I’ve been there for about two years now.

While in graduate school, working on my Masters in Publishing, freelancing fell a bit by the wayside, simply because I didn’t have the time. However, it was a great way to make some great contacts and several of my professors are people I will keep in contact with as time goes on. A large number of my fellow students also work(ed) in the industry professionally, and I gained those contacts.

Since I graduated with my Masters in December, I am begun working to generate freelance work again. I’ve picked up some new reading material (namely, Parker’s book) and have been applying to any freelance writing ads that I feel qualified for.

Today I applied for a slew of freelance writing and editing assignments posted on Craig’s List. Craig’s List isn’t the ideal way to find assignments, because generally the clients posting jobs are not willing to pay as much as a corporate client or a small business might, and much of the time the assignments are for individuals. However, until I have my website officially launched, my business cards printed and am ready to begin reaching out to larger clients, Craig’s list is a way to find a few assignments to help grow my sample clips – as is the piece I posted on ezine.com and the piece I recently submitted to We the ‘Bistro, a media bistro blog (Check it out here).

Once I’ve created the necessary marketing materials (website, business cards, brochure, etc) I’ll start pitching small local businesses in Queens and emailing other small businesses to solicit business. Until then, I’m doing any of the projects that come my way.

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