It's a Small World

I’ve talked about the importance of networking numerous times (like here or here or here). Today, something happened that was a perfect example of the flip side of why networking is a good idea.

You see, I had pitched an article idea to a new website that had listed an ad on Craig’s List. I was interested in the topic – it is targeted at recent college grads and it’s suppose to supply them with information on what to do after college.

When I first started working on my publishing major, I thought I might someday want to start a magazine about exactly that.

So I spent a lot of time coming up with story ideas, thinking about topics of interest, etc. I’m still very interested in the subject matter. A lot of my free reading is career / gen-y related reading.

As a recent grad, I also feel like I have a number of recent life experiences that would be very valuable to that audience. In the last few years I have: found a job in the industry I wanted to be in, set up a professional network, started my own business, found an apartment, moved out of that apartment, found another apartment, moved out of that apartment also and found a third apartment (each with different roommates), learned to cook for myself (beyond pasta), solicited advice from those more experienced and begun talking about taking my relationship to the next level (though we’re SO not going to talk about that) – although not particularly in that order.

So, I came across this ad. And I wrote a pitch letter (which, if I do say so myself, wasn’t half bad…) and sent it off with a story idea and a proposal for a regular feature.

Much to my surprise today I get an email from a writer friend – someone I have yet to meet in person, but who is definitely part of my network. She is one of the editors working on the project; and since she knows the quality of my work, gave me the go-ahead on the first of my story ideas. I had no idea she was working on this project, and sent the pitch out without any idea that she would be the one to read it. Yet that is exactly what happened.

Which goes to show, the writing world is a small one indeed. (I’ll be sure to let you know when she posts my first piece).

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