Why I Don't Write About Social Media (A Link Round Up)

You may have noticed I don’t really talk about social media much… I use it to market and promote myself, but I haven’t done a blog post discussing all the best ways to tweet or how to be popular on Facebook — other than the one post I did on using it to create incoming links. That’s because there is already a lot of great information out there on this topic.

Here are some pieces to read on promoting yourself digitally:

Why Should Businesses Engage in Social Media – Lindsey’s post answers the common questions: why do I need it? And do I have to engage once I have it? Who has the time for this stuff, anyway? She provides links to solid resources Gen-Y and social media enthusiasts can use to show the benefits of social media to their boss, their boss’ boss and the guy down the hall. And in the process, you just might become convinced yourself.

The Power of Social Media – It’s all about revolution. The media world is turning upside-down and this piece explains why that is good for you. Leveraging social media is about understanding that personal branding is about two things – your network and you (but mostly you). Mehul explains how these tools can impact the opportunities you are offered in your career and in the business world.

Don’t Waste Your Time with Social Media – Wait, it’s not what you think. Kenetic Ink discusses how to make social media a part of a marketing strategy, instead of dabbling in it in ways that will result in no results. The piece discusses how to assimilate new marketing and branding techniques into more traditional methods and create a brand that pops on multiple levels.

10 Social Media Errors Businesses Should Avoid – Have you heard of the power of a whisper? When you whisper, the listener leans in to hear what you’re saying; they listen more closely and pay more attention. Shouting at your audience does not work — but bribing them might.
In this piece, which is allegedly about what to avoid, Wayne really clues readers in on how to use social media correctly. By explaining what not to do and why, Wayne clearly shows what businesses should do. He explains why Social Media can’t be measured in terms of ROI (return on investment), and other things that people new to social media commonly get wrong.

10 Ideas for Small Businesses to Launch Social Media Campaigns – Also by Wayne, this post reminds you of the little things that you can do to make social networking work. this piece can almost serve as a check list of ideas each business should implement when they begin investing in social media.

Do People Understand the “Social” Part of Social Media?- From the queen of unconventional,  this piece illustrates in a clear way why half-assing social networking doesn’t work. Marian isn’t afraid to cut straight to the punch and does so in a way that both illustrates the point and makes you laugh. Also of interest are her posts on starting a new blog and twitter.

Group, Fan Page or Both? – Entrepreneur discusses one of MY biggest questions – how the heck do businesses use Facebook to create connections? I have a lot of difficultly with this because I don’t use Facebook the way most people apparently do – I use Facebook for two things: to connect with people I already know and have known for a long time and to play Scrabble. But many consumers use Facebook in a number of other ways – and this piece discusses the different ways your business can tap into this marketplace.

Are there other posts that you feel add significantly to the conversation about social media? Add them in the comments.

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