Marketing Research Questions

Since I discussed both what goes into conducting market research and what conclusions could be drawn from said research, I thought I’d also share the questions I am asking the Small Business owners in my area, as part of my R&D.

I plan to print out 30-something of these questions, so I can track each business owner’s answers on his or her own sheet. I’ve set the questions up so that I can circle answers, but still have room to jot notes. They are quick questions, because I know the people I am calling are busy, and will not want to spend a long time talking to me.

Another thing you’ll notice is there are six of them. Not 5, and not 10 but 6. First, I read a post (that I now can’t find) from another blogger on the power of using nontraditional numbers when making lists (3 & 7 are the most common “marketing” list lengths because they are apparently more likely to catch the eye than 5 or 10) – second, I’m slightly OCD (not really but still) and don’t like odd numbers; third, I couldn’t think of a 7th question that REALLY needed to be asked.

The last question contains several of the names I’m considering – i figured getting some market feedback couldn’t hurt. Other than that, the questions are fairly self-explanatory, I think. I’m trying to determine if there is adequate demand in my area (although thanks to the internet, I can work outside my area if I want) and what price this market will bear.

  1. Do you currently hire a writer when creating brochures, website content or other written information about / for your business (why or why not)?
    YES / NO
  2. If so, where did you look to find a writer? If not, where would you look if you wanted one?
    ONLINE / PRINT / NETWORK / OTHER __________________________________________
  3. How much would you expect to pay to have a brochure written? What about content for a website? A press release?
    Brochure $_______ ; Website $___________ ; Press Release $___________.
  4. How do you market your business?
    SOCIAL MEDIA / EDITORIAL / ADVERTISING / OTHER _________________________
  5. What would be most important to you in choosing a writer out of the following: EXPERIENCE / STRONG SAMPLE WORK / UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR BUSINESS & ITS NEEDS / OTHER ________________________________________
  6. Out of the following four writing services, based on name alone, which would you choose? TYPED IDENTITY / INK JOT / CREATIVE CONCEPTS / IDENTITY WRITING SERVICES
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