The Case of the Missing Internet

When I got my own apartment my very dear brother bought me a wireless router. At that point I had a PC and was very pleased with his present. It was something I genuinely needed, yet it was a thoughtful gift and one he knew more about buying that I did/do.

Fast forward: I leave my PC in a cab and the cabbie makes off with it (or else his next customer does). I never get the computer back. I buy a Mac, with the assistance of my fantastic other half (and then promptly pay him back for his portion of the investment). My Mac likes my wireless network. My roommates PC likes our wireless network. However one or the other of us frequently gets booted off.

So I consulted with my amazing tech guy who does all sorts of electronic mysterious things for me for free (because he’s amazing – and I reiterate that because he reads this blog). He says the Mac and PC are competing for the same IP address and the router isn’t sophisticated enough to assign different IP addresses to the different computers so that doesn’t happen. He can not access the router to tell it to do this because for some reason I do not have or know the appropriate password, despite my obsessive compulsive habit of writing down everything and keeping it for unreasonable periods of time.

In chapter 6 Parker discusses the different things a writer needs, technology-wise, to be up-to-date and survive. As I’m sure you can imagine, in today’s digital age, a stable reliable internet connection is among the must-haves.

Trust me, there is NOTHING more frustrating than typing out a long email or blog post, hitting update, and receiving a message that your computer is no longer online. F.R.U.S.T.R.A.T.I.N.G.

So I have decided that, with my next freelance gig, I will buy a new router. In the meantime, I’ve dug out a cord (ah, I remember ye, oh wires of old) and when the internet is on the fritz I plug in. It significantly reduces where I can work (it reaches my living room and my office – but not my bedroom, which is where I’m writing from now) – but it allows me to connect, so I can still contact my clients and they can reach me.

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