Part III: Q&A With Ty Unglebower

This is part 3, the final part, of a multi-part Q&A with Ty Unglebower. See Part 1 to find out how Ty got his start freelancing and a little about the kinds of projects he works on, or part 2 to hear what drew him to freelancing and a little about his experiences.

Jargon Writer: Do you set writing goals for yourself? What goals are you working toward currently? If not, why not?

Ty Unglebower: I cannot control the market directly, and therefore outside of my regular weekly or bi-monthly gigs I don’t suppose I can set a goal as to what business I will or won’t have in thus and such amount of time­–That’s determined by the other people.

But as for writing goals in general, I do have them. I want to make sure I have written 5 pages in some form, at least, daily. It can be accumulative from several different sources of writing throughout the day (correspondence not included), but I like it to be about 5 pages average. So I make sure if I don’t have a column due, I am working on my new article. If it isn’t time for that, I will post to one of the blogs, or work on my novel.

The novel is a one goal I am working toward. I do have a goal to have a first draft of that complete before the end of summer. It’s just under halfway finished now. I also have a standing goal to write three times in the blogs a week, in any combination.

Finally, by the end of 2010, I hope to have published one single thing in one new publication that I have not written anything for yet. That will be the toughest one.

JW: How successful do you feel you’ve been as a freelance thus far? Why?

Ty: I would say I have met with moderate to high levels of success. I’ve been doing this officially for just over a year, and in that time, in addition to some private clients, I have become a regular contributor to a website and a weekly newspaper. Plus I have a magazine piece coming out in April, with an invitation to pitch something for the summer issue of same. I am not location independent or out of debt just now, but for someone who has only had his business card and portfolio printed up in the last year, I’d say I have nothing to be ashamed of.

Ty is a 32-year-old freelance writer living alone in Frederick County Maryland. In addition to keeping his own blogs he is a regular contributor to and The Brunswick Citizen. He has also contributed recently to FiND iT FREDERiCK Magazine’s Spring 2010 issue. When not contributing to those publications, he is searching out others to which he may contribute his work, creating ghost-copy for private clients, or engaging in writing his novel. When he is actually not writing, Ty spends most of his free time making use of his Minor from Marietta College by performing as an amateur actor on various local community stages. He has thus far made no direct use of his bachelor’s degree, which was in political science.

For more about Ty, check out his blogs, Always Off Book and Too XYZ.

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