Weekly Roundup

So it’s going to be a brief post tonight – sorry all, fortunately I’ve got client work to do! I found a gig writing articles for a holistic website, and as I mentioned, I’ve networked with Dsngr Unlimited and they need me to do a client proposal this evening. However, here’s some stuff to read to tide you over:

12 Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Have Tattooed On Their Arms - I love quotes. I especially love quotes that are about 1) writing or 2) success/working to be a success. The written part of this post is a bit boring, but skip down to the quotes. They are awesome! I sort of collect these sorts of things ….

Salesforce Rolls Out a Facebook for Businesses – I have long said that facebook is not built for businesses. Well this story is about a new social networking site that is built special, JUST for businesses. Do I think it will work? Probably not. After all, consumers prob. won’t flock to a site to learn about companies. But I suppose we’ll see… after all, what are the yellow pages, really?

Why All Entrepreneurs are Designers – this post is all about how “entrepreneurship is a branch of design thinking”. Fascinating theory, and one I think I agree with. I can def. see some of the similarities…

Lindsey’s Blog - Ok, so first off this chick has me on the blogroll – isn’t that enough proof that she’s awesome? Well, if it’s not (humf) then perhaps the title of her blog will get your interest – Use Your Words: The Business of Writing” – how cool is that as a name? You’re still on the edge? Well, take my word for it. She has some great stuff – including a post on why we should try to be more like the mango man, “do I need a copywriter,” and how to conquer work stress at home.

One final note: On Monday I guest posted on Andrea’s blog, Hello. {Work.} – check it out here!

Check these out – and if you have something to share, comment about it. Even if it’s just a writing quote. I promise, if you comment I’ll check out your blog …. (do I sound desperate enough yet? just comment, damn it!)

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