Part I: Q&A With Andrea V. Lewis

This is part 1, the first part, of a multi-part Q&A with Andrea V. Lewis. Check out Part II, or find out more about Andrea on her blog Hello. {Work.} for more about her.

Jargon Writer: When/How did you first become a freelancer?

Andrea V. Lewis: I became a freelancer after I left the traditional advertising world. I knew I wanted to transition out of traditional (digital) media planning and buying and into social media. Since, my agency was a full-service agency, there was little opportunity to gain knowledge in experimental or social media initiatives, which is generally handled by specialized agencies or by the client directly.

JW: What kind of freelancing do you do and within that field, what do you specialize in?

Andrea: I’m currently freelancing as a writer at Demand Studios. They provide online content to several branded websites. They offer writing assignments on a number of topics. I specialize in marketing and advertising topics because that’s where my educational background and professional expertise lies.

JW: What about the idea of freelancing drew you?

Andrea: Freedom is what initially drew me to utilize freelancing temporarily. It would have been very difficult for me to keep agency hours, working anywhere from 9 – 12 hours per day, in addition to commuting, and find time to devote to job searching too. I’m able to set my own hours based upon my schedule for that day and work in accordance with my needs instead of typical 9-to-5, or in my case 9-to-7, rat race regulations.

JW: How long have you been working freelance and what’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?

Andrea: I’ve only been freelancing for a few months. Three months to be exact. My biggest obstacle is reminding myself that just because I don’t have clients to service, campaigns to launch, or metrics to analyze, doesn’t mean I’m not productive. Going from a fast paced environment to a secluded home office has taken some time to get used to. Also, the nature of my work has also changed. Now, I get paid to write creatively and produce content, which is so different from buying media, maintaining campaigns, and providing reports on ROI to the client.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Andrea V. Lewis has been working at full-service advertising agencies and marketing firms since 2005. Her writing has been featured on Brazen Careerist, eHow, and, among others. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications with a concentration in advertising, from California State University, Fullerton. Say hello to her on Twitter or visit her blog, Hello. {Work}.

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