Part II: Q&A With Andrea V. Lewis

This is part II, the final part of a two-part Q&A with Andrea V. Lewis. See Part I to find out how Andrea got her start freelancing and a little about the type of work she does or check out Andrea’s blog for more about her.

Jargon Writer: Do you set goals for yourself? What goals are you working toward currently? If not, why not?

Andrea V. Lewis: I set monetary goals for myself per week. Demand Studios bases their payment structure similar to that of piece work–Meaning that for each article published I get X amount of compensation.

But, other than that, the goals I set for myself mainly pertain to the industry I hope to be a part of. Staying true to what it is I really want to do professionally and not taking similar positions I’ve had in the past, because that would just be the easy way out. Of course, the economy has made this transition more difficult than I would like, but I know the strong will survive and my perseverance and passion for social media, especially how it relates to advertising and marketing, will eventually pay off.

JW: How successful do you feel you’ve been as a freelance thus far? Why?

Andrea: Considering that I’m not in freelancing for the long-term, I feel that I’ve been successful at it because I’m able to generate income on my own. I think even after I commit to a position within a company that I will continue to freelance as way to supplement my income and keep my writing skills up. After all, communicating effectively through words is a talent that is revered in any industry. Continuing to write articles online and utilizing self-publishing platforms, like blogging, is a great way to ensure that I maintain this talent throughout my career, regardless of where it takes me.

JW: Do you have a top tip for others who want to freelance doing what you do?

Andrea: It’s important to do your research and know what you’re getting yourself into prior to taking on the location independent lifestyle of freelancing. Don’t get discouraged when your articles come back from editors. They are there to help you hone your writing skills. Remember that practice makes perfect. The more you write the better you’ll get.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Andrea V. Lewis has been working at full-service advertising agencies and marketing firms since 2005. Her writing has been featured on Brazen Careerist, eHow, and, among others. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications with a concentration in advertising, from California State University, Fullerton. Say hello to her on Twitter or visit her blog Hello. {Work}.

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