How to Unblock Your Creative Block

This is a guest post by Jessica Schanberg, for more about Jessica see below or check out her blog, from Lemons to LLamas.

Everyone has times when they can’t seem to get their creative juices flowing. It’s normal to get stuck sometimes. Here are a few suggestions for ways to motivate you and help you to push through creative blocks. These are techniques that I use when I feel stuck myself.

1. Get Unplugged
First, walk away from your computer and get unplugged. Go outside and take a walk. Take in the scenery with no goal except to experience the life around you.

Enjoy and appreciate real life, people and the scenery around you. I find it helps me to get centered and regain perspective.

2. Move
Do something athletic, physical or fun. Move, dance or take a bike ride. It will do wonders for shaking the cobwebs from your brain. It makes you feel good and it gets your mind off whatever is keeping you stuck in a rut.

3. Focus on others
Volunteer and focus on someone or something besides your own work. It’s very rewarding, at least for me, to know that it’s not all about my work and me.

4. Regroup and recharge
Empty your brain by drawing, writing, or journaling all of your ideas, including any anxieties you may be feeling about your work. I think it is essential to allow yourself to freely express any feelings your having in order to get to the other side of a creative block.

Hopefully these tips will put a large dent in your creative block. They usually do the trick for me.

Schanberg is a graphic designer, illustrator, writer and blogger based in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in Manhattan and was inspired by the graffiti and street art that surrounded her. Check out more of her illustrations and writing at her blog, Lemons to Llamas.

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