Welcome to the NEW Jargon Writer Site

A while ago, I talked about the importance of creating a “position” for your company. I said it should carry over into every aspect of what you do. Well, as my writing begins to come together to form a business based around the idea of simplifying small business owners’ lives, I decided I needed a simpler design with a cleaner look.

The result is what you see before you.

Transitioning from a WordPress free account to a self-hosted site actually wasn’t difficult at all, though if you’re still a beginner at web design, I recommend bringing in help (as I did. Thanks Danny!). Last night I bought my web guy sushi and we sat down and went to work.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have hosting through dsgnrhosting.com; I’d already bought my domain name and linked to to my hosting service. Dsgnr makes buying its service and buying a domain name super simple –it walks you through each step of the process. The company uses c-panel, which has directions built-in for linking the domain name to the hosting service.

Then, my web guy downloaded and installed the WordPress software onto the server so that I could continue using WordPress, which I happen to really like (GREAT stats, user-interface, and variety of designs, to name a few). Once we had set up WordPress, the next step was choosing a theme I liked. We fiddled with this theme a little–which is why having a web guy to call on is important; he incorporated Jquery in my about section to the right (it scrolls down when you click “tell me!” cool huh?)  and did cool things like adding my social networking buttons, and changing the space for the header.

Transferring old posts was fairly easy too. We went into my “old” free WordPress account and exported posts. It saved them to my computer. Then we went to the “new” self-hosted WordPress account and imported them. Ta-da! The only thing I still need to do is manually go into posts that link to other posts and fix the links so that they point to the current site instead of back to the old one (which makes me glad that I haven’t been blogging longer!).

So give me some feedback – what do you think? And be sure to switch your RSS feeds et. al. over to the new site. I’ve officially posted the last post there and from now on, all new content will be located here.

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