Part I: A Q&A with Jamie Farrell

This is Part I of a two-part Q&A with Jamie Farrell. For Part II with Jamie’s advice for others who want to become a consultant, or for more about Jamie, see below or check out her blog or her Brazen Careerist Profile.

Jargon Writer: When/How did you first become a consultant?

Jamie Farrell: I guess this depends on how we define “consultant.” While working for large companies I consulted “pro bono” for the past eight years, as I believe working on projects and with individuals outside of your day-to-day job is the only way to network, learn, and grow in other areas.

I’ve been doing nothing but consulting (for money) for the last six months and plan to continue. I started consulting full time because I’m in an industry that’s ‘booming’ right now–the higher education industry. Because the industry is relatively new (about 10 years old) and I “grew up” in this industry, I’ve been a founding manager of a couple of innovative (and now extremely profitable) companies. Thus, I was lucky enough to receive recognition for this at an early age and people are constantly calling for help/advice. When the consulting jobs were piling up and the money was too much to say “no” to, I left my ‘corporate’ job and started consulting full time.

JW: What kind of consulting do you do and within that field, what do you specialize in?

Farrell: Higher Education. I’ve worked from the bottom up in the following departments in schools: Admissions (Inside Sales), Marketing, Training, Retention, Operations, and Career Services. I specialize in turnarounds and can typically take a marketing CPE down at least 25 percent and increase sales conversion rates a minimum of 50 percent.

As Admissions / Marketing is really just call center sales and backing into CPAs I took these skills and mirrored them successfully across several verticals: healthcare, insurance, etc. and have branched out and am now working on sales and marketing models in all online industries.

JW: What about the idea of consulting drew you?

Farrell: I’ve been working 80-90 hour weeks for about seven years. As soon as I realized I could make more money in less time and be innovative, creative, as well as work with a variety of people who I’m sure I can learn from, it seemed like a no brainer.

For eight-plus years Jamie Nacht Farrell has built and managed businesses in the for-profit education sector; over the last year she has gained additional expertise working with state universities. She has a proven track record in all aspects of the higher education industry and has held management and executive level roles in business development, call center sales and management, marketing, strategic initiatives, and operational planning.

She has worked in leadership roles in two start up ventures; both in revenue driving leadership roles and has been successful in both endeavors.

Jamie has successfully taken the sales and marketing model from the Education Sector and mirrored it across several verticals including healthcare, finance, and other inside and outside sales organizations.  She currently owns her own consulting company and has a waiting list of clients.

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