Part II: A Q&A With Jamie Farrell

This is Part II of a two-part Q&A with Jamie Farrell. See Part I to find out how Jamie got started or, for more about Jamie, see below or check out her blog or her Brazen Careerist Profile.

Jargon Writer: How long have you been consulting and either: A) What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome? or B) What has your greatest success been thus far?

Jamie Farrell: I’ve been consulting for six months full time and eight years part time. The biggest obstacle for me is saying “no,” when I don’t have the time to give something my all. Whether the reason is I want to learn from someone, I believe in a new product or mission, or I’m being offered more money, I have to be extremely disciplined to say NO if I don’t have the time.

My greatest success is being able to say I only work with companies who mission, values, and ethics I believe in.

JW: Do you set goals for yourself? What goals are you working toward currently? If not, why not?

Farrell: The goals I set for myself are typically personal goals as professionally, I have always gone where the ‘wind blows’ and followed my gut. I don’t set professional goals (short term) because I’ve found that tying myself to one objective may lead to missing other opportunities; kind of like DMB says, “If you hold on tight to what you think is your think, you may find you’re missing all the rest.”

My personal goals tie in with my professional goals in that my personal goal is to have a healthy family someday that I can spend as much time with as I would like. In order for me to reach that personal goal, I must continue to build out my consulting practice and possibly start my own small online company (so I guess you could say that is a professional goal – yet a long term one!)

JW: How successful do you feel you’ve been thus far? Why?

Farrell: I guess that depends on how you define “success.” From a monetary standpoint, I am making as much (sometimes more) than I did in the corporate executive role. From a happiness standpoint, I am far happier and have learned to spend more time focusing on ME as a person, not valuing myself based on my work, but rather who I am.

Overall, I believe I’ve been pretty successful based on the comments above.

JW: Do you have a top tip for others who want to do what you do?

Farrell: No matter where you work or what you do, you need three things: 1) Passion 2) Tenacity 3) A mentor. For me, tenacity was the most important. Always move forward. Appreciate the mistakes you make because that’s how you learn and grow. Don’t ever work on something you don’t believe in because you will not succeed. Set your long-term goals first and work backwards on how to get there. Work with people who have similar value sets so you enjoy going to work everyday. Stay positive and eradicate negativity from any clients or environment.

If you want to consult, don’t be one of those, “I just got out of college and I can take on the world” people…put your time in and build a track record for yourself. Results speak far louder than a webpage or words.

For eight-plus years Jamie Nacht Farrell has built and managed businesses in the for-profit education sector; over the last year she has gained additional expertise working with state universities. She has a proven track record in all aspects of the higher education industry and has held management and executive level roles in business development, call center sales and management, marketing, strategic initiatives, and operational planning.

She has worked in leadership roles in two start up ventures; both in revenue driving leadership roles and has been successful in both endeavors.

Jamie has successfully taken the sales and marketing model from the Education Sector and mirrored it across several verticals including health care, finance, and other inside and outside sales organizations.  She currently owns her own consulting company and has a waiting list of clients.

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