Can’t Win it if you’re not in it.

My freelance writing has come a long way. Since starting this blog and beginning serious efforts to become a freelancer, I’ve changed how I see myself. I used to view myself as an editor, who wanted to be a freelancer. Now, I see myself as a freelancer holding down an editorial job until I can sustain myself as a freelancer full time (goal is to be able to make the transition in a few years).

I have a slogan–helping people put what they’re passionate about into words–and I’m working on my professional website. I have yet to choose a business name, but that will come with time. I have a Google voice account, and am using that as my business phone number.

I’ve gotten to a point where my marketing efforts are beginning to reap rewards; I have clients who are coming to me instead of me looking for them. I have a few people a week asking me for quotes. I’ve done a few projects and am writing regularly for a few sites.

But I have another hill to climb.

See, now that I’ve learned to network–online and off–I need to finish up my website and begin to look for companies that could use my services; then I need to pitch them. I’ve pitched people before, but now that I have the core of the business just about set, I need to really begin looking for clients who will be interested in hiring me for repeat work.

I had a great idea to pitch to a bank–I have to write it up and find some banks that might be interested, then figure out who to contact and pitch the idea.

I have a few article ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while; I need to solidify those, figure out a few publications to pitch to and write up pitch letters.

But I’ve been running into that fear of not being perfect that Parker talked about (and I mentioned) a while back–the idea that as a writer, my site and public information should be so amazingly well written that it blows people away. I need to get past that, and remember instead that you can’t win the race if you never leave the finish line.

So, among the to-do list I already have written up for this weekend, I’m also going to try and draft some pitch ideas. Because you can’t win it, if you’re not in it and that’s a fact.

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