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Five Tips for Asking Better Questions - Knowing how to ask a good question is a big part of being a writer. The writer who can conceive the most original, interesting questions (the one everyone else wants the answer to, but didn’t think to ask) is  the writer who never fails to land a gig. While this post isn’t specifically aimed at writers, it explores the deeper issue at hand here and provides a few tips on how to find that perfect question.

Three Tips for Magnetizing Your Copy – A good writer sells his or her idea to the audience; they convince them of the benefits or the idea they are writing about, and the reader “buys” into what they are selling. In this piece, the author literally talks about what it takes to create copy that sells products. Great tips, whether you’re a beginner or an expert copywriter.

The Real Reason Apple is So Innovative – “How do you explain when others are able to achieve things that seem to defy all of the assumptions?” Simon Sinek explains what makes companies like Apple innovative  and people like Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers capable of their unique achievements?  Anyone who wants to create or sell anything should watch this video first. This looks as the classic idea of making it about your customer, not about yourself, and takes it to the next level.

6 Steps That Get Big Shots to Answer Your Emails – This post could also be called “How to write a good sales letter” or “how to write a cover letter” or … well… how to write a pitch letter. It breaks down the elements of what makes for a successful sale (via letter or email), so that anyone can write the right letter.

Get Hired! How to Find and Get Good Clients for Your Web Copywriting Biz – Ever get read an email, close your eyes and whisper “YES!” or slowly have a smile grow as your eyes skim its contents? Well this article tells you how you can do more of that, and less … well.. waiting.

Simplify Your Bookkeeping – Have you ever seen those t-shirts that say “I’m an English major. You do the math” ? Most writers and artists don’t like getting close and cozy with numbers, which makes for a mess come tax time. This article includes a ton of useful tips (did you know you can probably expense up to $150,000 of office equipment a year?), discusses what you need, as a freelancer, from your bookkeeping software–and includes a link to a free web-based program.

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