Opportunities are Everywhere

I’m taking a breather
from my latest freelance assignment to write this. The assignment is a piece about effective micro-organisms for a small business owner in Brooklyn who I met at the social networking event I attended a while back.

When I met her I don’t think either of us really expected to end up working together. She runs a composting-alternative company. The company sells  a product called Bokashi to break down organic waste; they deliver an empty bucket and enough Bokashi to mix it appropriately (you layer it) with waste (left over foods, scraps, etc.). When the bucket is full, they pick it up and give you a fresh one.

I’m pretty sure she saw me as a potential client or at least one more name to add to her email list. She was manning a booth at the event, so I saw her as someone to talk to until I got my bearings and relaxed enough to do real networking. We exchanged cards and I began receiving her e-newsletter.

Then, last week, the newsletter mentioned that she was hosting an event–so I shot her back an email and asked if she wanted an official press release written up. I included my hourly rate. I didn’t honestly expect to hear back, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I heard back.

We chatted on the phone about what I did and what she does, and agreed that I would attend the event and then write up a summary/paper of the information presented. It’s that paper I’m working on now.

I do stuff like this a lot. Sometimes it pans out, sometimes it doesn’t. But it never hurts to try.

I make a point to always be on the lookout for potential clients. When I see a website with obvious mistakes or simple typos, I email the company and let them know.

Sometimes this results in a thank you email – sometimes it doesn’t result in anything. But if I get a thank you email, I may email them and let them know that’s what I do for a living–and if they’d be interested in having the rest of the site read, I’d be happy to do it for my hourly rate.

While this doesn’t result in a flood of work, it does help keep me busy. And the nice thing about emailing corrections to a website is that you can hold off on emailing them until your short on the time required to do other forms of marketing; it can help keep you from hitting a slump.

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