Big Announcement: Changes to JW

There are soon to be some changes made here on JW. First, I’m changing wordpress themes. So there will be a new look rolling out (probably this weekend or early next week).

I’m going to change the name of the link round ups – they will be called “Around the Watercooler” or “The Freelance Watercooler” or something like that … I haven’t decided exactly what yet, but the idea is to make it catchier than “link roundup.” And there will be several new categories with posts on new topics (though don’t worry – I’ll still provide tips / progress reports on my freelancing biz).

See, I want to involve all of you awesome people in some of the projects I’m working on; I want to be able to talk to you equally about the PR project I’m taking on for my Dad’s motorcycle club, the online magazine I’m starting up, the day job (TDJ) and everything else that gets in the way of freelancing and how I balance (or fail to balance) all of it.

I started this blog and my freelancing business about 8 months ago; over that time I’ve build a small but steady audience for this blog, built just enough of a freelance client base to keep myself busy and decided to launch a HUGE new project. I want this site to reflect that, and to allow all of you to join me on that journey.

I’m also considering several major life changes – planning a move (although probably not for a year or more into the future still) that will hopefully allow me to go freelance full time – and looking for investors for Project Women, so that can turn into a full-fledged business (more about that in the near future).

Stay tuned…. new and exciting things are in the pipeline.

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