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How the Simple Dollar Works – I’ve read a lot of posts about how to make money from blogging. This post isn’t about that. Instead, it’s about how one man is making money from his blog; The Simple Dollar. For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Simple Dollar, it’s the story of a man who went from buried in debt to debt free. It’s tips and tricks for making life a bit more frugal, generally by investing money in areas that really matter to you and skimping on it in areas that aren’t so important (by doing things like making your own laundry detergent). The Simple Dollar gets 1.4 million page views a month, on average. It makes the writer enough to live well – if cheaply – and in this post he shares how that works and what it takes to do the same.

How Easy Is It To Do Business With You? – “Would you buy from yourself? I mean, honestly would you give yourself an order and most importantly one after that and one after that?” Pawel’s question reminds us to look at things from our clients’ perspective and seriously consider how we can generate the best clients who refer us to the largest possible number of their friends. And it all breaks down into three steps.

6 Steps to a Prettier Blog (sans designer) – “design does matter as there’s really nothing worse than a poorly laid out or cheesy site,” Marian writes. No designer herself, Marian explains how even with no knowledge of code a few small tweaks can take a blog from basic to awesome-sauce.

Fresh Direct’s Lesson: The Price of Bad Service – “It really costs a lot of money to give bad service,” Mr. Braddock chief executive of Fresh Direct is quoted as saying in this piece. If you’ve  ever doubted the impact of your attitude and level of customer service have on your business, think again. Ditto on the importance of building a repeat-customer base. Did you know it’s cheaper and more valuable to retain repeat customers than to find new ones? Fresh Direct gives us a perfect example of how these things made a big difference.

Is Your Freelancing Psychology Broken? – Most freelancers think they want to work hard and earn lots of money freelancing, but it’s a lie. Men with Pens’ writer “AgentX” gives you a simple test to figure out if you’re in the right frame of mind – and some tips on how to get there, if you find you’re not.

Stick it to ‘Em – Post-It notes recently celebrated their 30th anniversary – whether used to jot a congratz or a reminder, Post-Its are perhaps one of my favorite office supplies of all times (though, like the writer of this post, my heart goes into overdrive when walking into any office supply store).

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