Link Round Up: Tips for Creating a Website

I did a series of posts a while back about what it takes to create a website. Here are some links that go beyond what I’ve talked about and that offer solid tips for building a site that will help you grow. Also, if you’re a freelancer and want to offer SEO copywriting, these links are a great place to learn how to do that.

Increase Website Traffic – Erica Douglas retired at 26, after selling her company for … well, a lot of money. This piece talks about how the content on her website helped her achieve her success, with an explanation of how these tactics work and ways that you can apply them.

Secrets from a Search Marketing Manager – Ever wondered why you can’t just look up keywords then put them all in one big list on your website and get billions of hits? Or how to get those billions of hits without spending more money than it takes to feed an elephant? This interview is with someone who knows the answer to both those questions, and who has decided to share them with the rest of us.

Choosing the Best Web Host for Your Blog – One of the biggest steps to setting up a website is choosing and buying a host, or someone to be your online “home” for your website. They keep all the files and make sure the site is always accessible. This piece provides some tips on what to consider when comparing hosts.

The Juice Behind Your Website – Choosing the right CMS  – and if you don’t know what that means, then you’d better read this! CMS or Content Management Strategy, is all about usability. If you’re not a web developer, your CMS allows you to edit features of your website without accidentally deleting half of it (or turning it into a random jumble of elements).

Website Building for the Rest of Us – I’m not a web expert; this piece does exactly what it’s name suggests – offers ways to cheat at what would otherwise be an exhaustive process.

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