Refocusing Jargon Writer

Heads up! I’m working on some changes here on Jargonwriter. I’ve made it through the book that original prompted this blog and have, even in my own mind (frequently the last barrier) become a “freelance writer.” As a result, I’m working on restructuring the format and the purpose of the blog. No worries though – it will still bring you tips on becoming a freelancer drawn directly from my progress.

But it might broaden a bit, beyond freelance writing, to discuss business, some of the projects I’m working on (like the Project women post, about starting a female version of Esquire Magazine,  not too long ago) and things that I’m struggling with as I balance a freelancing career with a full-time editing job.

Either later this week or early next week I’ll put up a post with all the changes detailed for you. In the meantime, if there are questions you want answered, topics you want addressed, things you think might work that I’m not doing now … post them in the comments and let me know!

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