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The Benefits of Working My Day Job

I know this blog is about freelancing – but yesterday’s post about planning to freelance had some great comments asking some good questions.

First, while I want to freelance full time eventually, I actually really like my job. I like the people I work with and I like the work I’m doing. But most importantly, my day job allows me to continue learning.

I’ve found the feedback I’ve gotten from the editors I work with to be invaluable in improving my writing. I’ve also learned a lot from the style discussions we’ve been having in my office lately (we’re doing a redesign), and learned from the examples the other editors in my office set with their writing–techniques and ways of weaving together content that I may not have seen before. Further more, it offers me insight about how an editorial office actually works that I expect to be invaluable when it comes time to pitch articles. Continue reading…

Planning for a Freelance Future

My eventual goal is to freelance full time… to wake up in the morning, roll out of bed and walk down the hallway to my office. And while I know that eventually that will require a leap of faith, I’m not the spontaneous, leap-without-looking type.

Although my significant other has said again and again that he’d be willing to handle the bills while I get on the feet freelancing, that’s just not acceptable to me–perhaps that’s because, like so many other women of my generation, I see my independence as a major part of who I am. So while I’m sure he’ll end up taking up some of my slack while I’m getting solidly on my feet, I’m working to make sure that’s for as short a period of time as possible.

Since I figure I still have about two years before I’m ready to consider freelancing full-time, here’s what I’m doing so when I’m ready to take the leap I know I’ll land on my feet:

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I Majored in English, You do the Math

Buy This T-shirt at Zazzle.comMost creative types hate numbers. Unfortunately, being a freelancer means running your own business–which means dealing with numbers.

But before you throw up your hands and run for cover, here are some info from Anna Raddatz who is both a bookkeeper AND a freelancer, based in Asheville, NC. Check out her site:

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Creating Freelance Pricing Tiers

As a freelancer who focuses on marketing materials, I’m pretty interested in the various marketing strategies used in different industries–both traditional marketing materials (like website copy) and less-typically-thought-of tactics, like pricing strategy.

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Around the Freelancer’s Watercooler

I found this completely on accident while looking for an image to put on this page – apparently, comic book lettering has some grammatical and aesthetic traditions that are unique. Who knew? Blambot talks about Comic Book Grammar & Tradition in depth.

Do you sometimes feel like you and your clients are speaking different languages? Well, bridging the language gap is one of the keys to becoming a successful freelancer. Natalia Sylvester explains how one dentist did just that, and what it taught her about her own work: Talking about Language Barriers and Dreaming about Milkshakes.

Ever submitted the perfect pitch, just have have your bubble burst by an editor who just couldn’t see your vision? Kelly James Enger shares 10 Good Reasons the Editor Said No for every writer who has wondered why they got rejected.

How do you write a 5,000 word article on the breeding habits of Goblins? Chuck Wendig shares a freelancing secret (hint: it contains a four-letter word). A Writer’s Passion: Not from Above, but from Below.

Most of the time mistakes get under my skin – but sometimes typos are just funny. Natalia Sylvester shares some giggle-worthy typos, from a mistake that rang true to some done in tattoos – Fun with Words: The Typo Edition.

“After more than two decades of technological evolution, creativity isn’t what it used to be,” writes Dean Reick. Starting in 1984 the creative world shifted – and it has never turned back. For the Apple fans out there: How the Macintosh Changed Creativity Forever.

One of the most challenging aspects of freelancing is getting the word out. Mike Smith dished up 30 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Freelancers – and I’d never heard of any of them. Awesome ideas that really give new meaning to “think outside the box.”

A Freelancer Divided

One of the reasons freelancing has so much appeal for me is because I am passionate about so many things – and as a freelancer, I’d be better able to pursue those things. Right now, one of this things I struggle with most is balance – not a work-life balance (I take regular time off from freelancing) – but work/work/work balance.

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