A Freelancer Divided

One of the reasons freelancing has so much appeal for me is because I am passionate about so many things – and as a freelancer, I’d be better able to pursue those things. Right now, one of this things I struggle with most is balance – not a work-life balance (I take regular time off from freelancing) – but work/work/work balance.

I recently added a projects page to this blog, so you could see some of the things I’m working on. At any given time, I have at least three things up in the air.

Right now I work full-time as an editor at a business to business magazine covering the pet industry; I am launching an online magazine for smart, sophisticated, successful and slightly sarcastic women and I am freelancing part-time. I’d love to be doing volunteer work, but I can’t figure out where it would fit. I’m also trying to add to my writing clips, so I’ve been jotting down ideas to pitch to various publications – I have quite a list, but haven’t had time to pitch them.

I wish I had tips for over coming this… unfortunately I have yet to find a good balance. There always seems to be more I want to do and just not enough time to do it all. But I’m trying. And anticipating the days a few years hence when I’ll be working from my home office and can decide for myself how much time I want to dedicate to each project that crosses my plate.

So this time I’m asking you – how do you balance all the awesome things you do? How do you decide how much time/energy to dedicate to each project?

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