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Project Woman: Moxy Magazine

Back in July, I presented an idea here on the blog. That idea brought together over 30 women and evolved into Project Woman. Some of those involved shared business advice, others volunteered to write for the magazine once it launched, others served to bounce ideas off of and share honest feedback. Well, today I’m happy to announce that project has evolved again.

Moxy Magazine speaks to up and coming professional women, covering the issues of tomorrow, today, by leading the discussion on topics women want to follow. Moxy is on the smart edge of information: the new issues, services and trends.

Women today are re-defining words like mentorship, responsibility and success. The modern woman will define success for herself, in the office, at home, and in remote locations around the world. She lives by her own rules and knows she is in charge of shaping her own future.

Today, we officially begin what we’re calling our “soft launch”–The site is up and we’ve begun posting content to it. We’ll continue to grow our audience and help our audience grow. Then, in January we’ll hold our launch party and officially begin what we’re calling our “hard launch”–aka we’ll reevaluate the site, decide what’s working, what’s not, brainstorm for new ideas to try and ramp up existing marketing.

So head over to today and check out our first two pieces: The Big Idea and Don’t Come too Close.

Moonlighting As A Freelancer

Princess Jones (aka PS Jones) is a fellow freelancer and a new friend. She’s based in Chicago (while I’m stuck in NYC), but I got lucky and she had some free time while I was there on business earlier this year and we had lunch. She’s an awesome lady, an excellent business woman and an impressive freelance writer.

She was nice enough to agree to a blog swap–she wrote yesterday’s post here on Jargon Writer: Just the Facts About FAQs and I wrote a post over on her blog, Diary of A Mad Freelancer. Today, take a few minutes to check out her blog and the post I wrote for her on Moonlighting as a Freelancer.

Just the Facts about FAQs

This is a guest post written by Princess Jones of P.S. Jones Freelance Writing and Consulting. You can read more of her work on her blog, Diary of a Mad Freelancer.

I spend a lot of time working on my own website. If I let myself, I can always find something to tweak or update, but recently I found myself making a much needed change to the site with a FAQs page. A FAQs (frequently asked questions) page takes the most asked or most important questions about your business and answers them before a website visitor or a new client has a chance to ask you themself. Continue reading…

Why I Don’t Have An “Ideal Customer”

I couldn’t tell you who my ideal customer is–because I don’t have one.

You may have heard that having a niche is important. Knowing your customer allows you to market directly to them–it allows you to be an “expert,” which allows you to charge more for your services and makes it easier to grow your business. When you’re first starting out as a freelancer, everyone tells you to choose who you want to work with and to define your target customer. There are a TON of articles out there on specifically how defining your ideal customer will benefit you and even how to do it.

But personally, I think it’s a bit overrated. Why? Continue reading…

Freelance Watercooler: Dust off the Nuts & Bolts

It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday forward momentum of building a freelancing business. But sometimes it’s really important to stop for a few minutes and reexamine the things you already have in place – are you really happy with your invoice design? Are you really using your downtime productively? Are you maximizing the profit from the work you’re doing? Does your contract really cover you, in case something goes wrong? Continue reading…

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