Freelance Watercooler: Dust off the Nuts & Bolts

It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday forward momentum of building a freelancing business. But sometimes it’s really important to stop for a few minutes and reexamine the things you already have in place – are you really happy with your invoice design? Are you really using your downtime productively? Are you maximizing the profit from the work you’re doing? Does your contract really cover you, in case something goes wrong?

This Freelancer Watercooler post is full of articles that remind us to – or can help us to – set up the basics of our businesses.

It may not be okay to double-dip when at a party, but when it comes to interviewing subjects on their topic of expertise, double-dipping allows you to squeeze more from your interviews. You can use a quote from an expert you interviewed previously to give your query that little bit extra – or even to spark ideas for other pieces.

Life as a writer is cyclical. There are times when you’re so busy you skip sleeping … and times when you have an hour or more of unexpected downtime. The trick is to learn things to do when that unexpected hour crops up. Lindsey Donner shared 5 Easy Things You Can Do To Boost Business In Less Than One Hour on her blog with some solid ideas to build your business in ways that count.

Angie Johnston has posted some great, practical posts recently: She has shared how to create an invoice, a sample writing contract and marketing a freelance writing services. These posts have an important thing in common – they require looking at your writing services as a business.

Pawel, over at Self Employed Cafe shared tips on sending a “Cold Call Email” that I’ll be utilizing – I’ve listened to Keith Ferrazi’s Never Eat Alone twice on audio book and it’s tips very closely parallel Pawel’s awesomeness.

And finally, Leslie reminds us of something important when it comes to finding new clients in The Simplest Way to Find New Clients – because sometimes, you just need to re-do the things you’ve done right in the past.

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