I’m BACK baby.

It appears the time has gotten away from me. As I mentioned late last year, I launched a major new project in November of 2010. Moxy magazine, for women with with cojones and bigger dreams, has been an amazing project. But getting it off the ground has been extremely time consuming–so much so, that before Stephen left for bootcamp in December, he and I talked about it and I decided I would put freelancing on hold while focusing on Moxy.

Of course, as soon as I made that decision, new projects came rolling in. It’s almost as though my regular clients overheard the phone call, and decided that must mean I’d be better able to focus on their individual assignments. And since my ultimate goal has always been to eventually build a strong freelancing business, I didn’t want to turn away repeat business. So I took on the projects.

As a result, I’ve been swamped.

But Moxy has started to develop it’s own process–it’s begun to grow up a bit and needs a lot less hand holding. While I’m still heading up that project, it’s no longer so time consuming that I can’t refocus myself on freelancing. So I’ve begun accepting new clients again; I redid my freelancing website (another post on the why and how of that is forthcoming) and finally I’ve made a plan to begin writing here regularly again. Initially, you can expect a post a week here and a post a week over on www.melissabreau.com (though those posts will be more client-focused.. again, a post on the whys and hows of this decision is forthcoming).

I’ve made a few decisions about JW recently–I’d like to show y’all a bit more of my personality, since this will no longer be the main blog linked to my freelancing website. Posts may be a bit shorter, but I’m going to try and pack a bigger punch in the smaller package. I’ve talked to a few awesome writers about guest posting here so you can learn from their much-more-established points of view.

But the main goal, tracking my progress in becoming a freelancer, hasn’t–and will never–change.

So, expect to see some new content, including pieces on the subjects mentioned above and a piece next week week on why you should guest post on other people’s blogs. I’ve got big plans–and I’d love for you to come along for the ride.

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