Getting Up & Getting Back On

Last night at the gym I was bench pressing; I went to re-rack the bar and my hand slipped–Instead it fell on my face. Immediately three guys at the gym rushed over to pull the bar off of me and to make sure I was alright. I shakily stood up, thanked them for their help and went to clean the blood of my face–and then I came back to the bench, laid back down and did two more sets.

You may have heard the term “when you fall off the horse, get up, dust yourself off and get back on.” The idea is that after something goes wrong, it’s natural to be afraid of doing it again. By immediately “getting back on” you’ll be less likely to develop a long-term fear of horseback riding (or bench pressing or whatever). You show yourself that you’re not going to let that fear hold you back and begin the first step in overcoming it.

Doing this last night made me realize that I wasn’t doing the same thing in my freelance career. Whenever I receive disappointing news (a rejection letter, for example), instead of “getting right back on” I tend to wallow and procrastinate before sending out the next one. Instead, I should immediately start working on a new query and pitch, pitch, pitch. It’s the only way I’ll ever be able to stop myself from developing a fear of rejecting and letting that fear hold me back. So this weekend I’m going to sit down and send out some queries–and from now I’ll respond to any query letters by sending out two more.

[Image via Wikicommons]

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