Recommended Reading: 4 Tips From Glen

Freelance Folder’s 4 Tips from Someone who has Hired Over 25 Freelancers provides readers with a must-do list from the one who matters most: the client. Glen, who wrote this post, has hired numerous freelancers over his career for a wide variety of jobs. He sets out what makes the difference between a freelancer he’ll use again and one whose business card and contact info he plans to lose.

He writes:

“During my first few years online, I spent a lot of time working as a freelancer, consulting for firms who wanted internet marketing services. For the last few years, however, I’ve been on the other side of the fence. I’ve been the client. The employer.

I tried very hard to be the best freelancer I could be (and charged a fair rate) but there are some things I just didn’t know that I could have been doing better for my clients. I didn’t know these things…until I discovered that I wanted them from other people.” Read the post here.

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