Recommended Reading: Freelancers Are Chickens

This week’s reading recommendation comes from friend and fellow freelancer P.S. Jones.

Over at Diary of a Mad Freelancer, P.S. Jones breaks down the difference between being a chicken and being a pig this way, “Either you can be a pig or a chicken. When it comes to making breakfast, there are two levels of involvement. The chicken is pretty involved. It creates and passes an egg through its hoo-haw. Then, it donates it to the  breakfast cause. However, the pig is extremely dedicated. It lays down its life for breakfast. While a chicken will go on to be a part of many other breakfasts, a pig has everything riding on this one.”

Therefore, she says freelancers are chickens, while employees are pigs. Not convinced? Read her piece here.

And since I haven’t caught you up in a while on what I’ve been writing about elsewhere… Today I re-wrote my twitter profile description to be more poignant. Pack a better punch and all that.

In the last few weeks I’ve written about Feminist Coming Out Day in a post on what a feminist looks like (hint: it may not be what you think); I shared the story of one woman who is working to change the conversation about female entrepreneurs, Sharp Skirts’ founder Carla Thompson;  how organization can help you accomplish your goals, big and small, and interviewed author Jenny Blake about her book, Life After College over at Moxy Magazine.

On my freelancing website, I’ve shared 3 Common Grammar Mistakes; tackled the question “Is Social Networing Really Effective for Small Business?” and ran a three part series on e-newsletters: Why you need an E-newsletter, How to Create an E-Newsletter and What to Write About in an E-newsletter.

Finally, my piece on Gourmet Dog Treats was published in the April issue of Pet Business Magazine: Going Gourmet.

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