Recommended Reading: The 24-hour Rule

I wrote the other day about the need to get right back up and start again whenever you receive a rejection letter, and about my goals to do exactly that. So Kelly James-Enger couldn’t have chosen a better time to post her piece on The 24-Hour Rule and Why It Works.

She Writes, ‘Within 24 hours of receiving a rejection, or “thanks, but no thanks’ (what I call a “bong”) from an editor, I would do two things. First, I’d resubmit the query to another market; I call this a ‘resub.’

Second, I’d send a new query to the editor who had rejected me, starting with language like, ‘Thank you very much for your response to my query about women and weight-lifting. While I’m sorry you can’t use the idea at this time, I have another for you to consider.’ Then I’d include my new query.” Read the rest of her post here to find out why she uses this method and to find out the kind of results she typically experiences (and while you’re there, subscribe to her blog — it’s worth it).

And check out my post, Preparing For A Freelance Career, on Freelance Folder yesterday.

“I’ve been planning to become a freelancer since college. During my second year of school I picked up a copy of Media Bistro’s Get A Freelance Life (by Margit Feury Ragland) and decided to do an independent study around learning to become a freelancer. I studied it the same way you might study math or a Victorian novel. I picked apart the pieces of what it meant to become a freelancer; the ways all the great freelance writers shared in their books.” Read More…

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