Recommended Read: Divisive Copywriting

One of the single most important things to do as a copywriter is to hit the right target audience with your words. They don’t need to appeal to everyone; just the people who are most likely to purchase the product or serves your words are trying to sell (or the action you’re trying to convince them to take).

Tom Albrighton, on his blog (which is one of my all time favorite copywriting blogs, because he provides such good information) knocks that one outta the park in his recent post on Divisive Copywriting.

He Writes:

This type of shit won’t hit the top ten
But we won’t bend – we won’t switch off, pretend
Rebel MC, lyrics to ‘The Governments Fail’, 1992

I love this couplet, which guarantees the outcome it describes. Acknowledging that his revolutionary stance and street-tuff sounds will never find a broad audience, the Rebel defiantly turns his music’s marginality into a virtue. ‘Those who have ears to hear, let them hear,’ is the implicit message.

It’s like Public Enemy, but with dreads. And not quite as good

By quoting these words, I’ve taken a similar approach. My peoples will see them as confirmation of my edgy, urban flow. Playa hatas, on the other hand, will probably regard the mild profanity as uncalled-for, gauche and a little embarrassing. Either way, the tactic will probably get a reaction. It is, quite literally, divisive – drawing a line between those who are drawn to my tone and message and those who aren’t. For the full article, read here.

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