Recommended Read: 4 Things You Never Want…

Recently two of my favorite people came together–P.S. Jones from Diary of a Mad Freelancer and Natalia Sylvester from Inky Clean’s Soapbox. P.S. Jones guest posted for Natalia and… well… she killed it with this great piece on 4 Things You Never Want Anyone to Say About Your Copy.

She writes:
“Regardless of who your audience is, they care more about themselves than you. That’s not narcissism or selfishness. That’s called being a human being. So when someone reads your copy, she doesn’t want to hear about what the product does or who the company is. Instead, she wants to hear about what those things can do for her problem. Make it all about the reader and why she should care.

How to Tell: Go through the copy and count how many times you said something about what the company or product does versus what the customer gains. If it’s not decidedly more about the customer than the company, go back and make it so.” For the full post with all 4 tips, go over to The Soapbox and check it out!

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