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Pitch Event for Moxy

July of last year I mentioned a new project I had in the works–an online magazine for women. That project took form over the months that followed and launched officially in November of last year as Moxy Magazine: A magazine for women with big cojones and bigger dreams. Recently I had the chance to attend a pitch conference thanks to the New York Women Social Entrepreneurs and Goldman Sachs. The Social Innovation Workshop involved meeting with several different groups and pitching a business idea. Below is the final pitch I shared for Moxy. Feel free to share your feedback. Continue reading…

Client Meeting Cheat Sheet

In middle school one of my social studies teachers allowed us to use a cheat sheet during tests–he told us we could have a one page cheat sheet with however much information we could fit on one page, front and back. Overachiever that I am, I created a typed student cheat sheet, printed with small, fine, type on both sides. In the margins I wrote additional information in by hand, to cram in as much as possible.

I didn’t have the class until the middle of the day. The morning of the test I showed my cheat sheet to several of my classmates before homeroom. Needless to say, they were impressed. By lunch I was making copies of my cheat sheet for half the class.

While I don’t have written tests to pass as a freelancer (at least, not the same sort), there are still critical moments where knowing what to say or how to handle a situation can make the difference between landing a client and losing business. So, just like I did in junior high, I make a cheat sheet while preparing for important client calls or meetings. Continue reading…

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