Pitch Event for Moxy

July of last year I mentioned a new project I had in the works–an online magazine for women. That project took form over the months that followed and launched officially in November of last year as Moxy Magazine: A magazine for women with big cojones and bigger dreams. Recently I had the chance to attend a pitch conference thanks to the New York Women Social Entrepreneurs and Goldman Sachs. The Social Innovation Workshop involved meeting with several different groups and pitching a business idea. Below is the final pitch I shared for Moxy. Feel free to share your feedback.

The Pitch:

Hi, my name is Melissa Breau and I’m here representing Moxy Magazine. A Magazine for women with big cojones and bigger dreams.

Think back to how you felt in your early 20s.

You were probably excited; your whole life was before you. But perhaps you were also confused and a bit scared….I know I was…

I was excited to be embarking on the next phase of my life; I had a second interview scheduled with a magazine publishing company and, based on my first interview, I was fairly certain they would offer me the job.

I was trading my dorm room for a shared apartment in Mount Vernon a short walk from the Metro North station, embarking on my first trip to Europe and taking some major leaps of faith.

And I was terrified.

At that point I had spent 3 years of my life researching the publishing industry. I’d done internships, an independent study, attended conferences and even already taken a few classes toward the masters in publishing degree I hold today.

But it seemed there were so many skills that I was supposed to have, but that no one had ever taught me.

I needed to rent my first apartment, pay back my student loans, land that first job, negotiate a starting salary–basically INSERT MAJOR LIFE CHANGE here.

Now imagine if I didn’t have to be scared. If instead I had somewhere to turn for the information I needed as a young female professional–a network of resources I could tap for tips, advice and know-how.

Eight months ago, using the knowledge I gained during three years working as an editor and as a student in the Masters in Publishing program at Pace University, I brought together a unique team to create an online magazine aimed at young women with big cojones and bigger dreams.

A team out in California designed our site and logo for free; and our marketing team, editors and writers are all volunteers.

Three times a week, on our website and everyday through social media, we tackle the issues our readers are facing in their lives, providing them with real life stories of other women who have been there, tips and ideas for facing these problems and the news they need to stay relevant in today’s quickly moving world.

For example, this month we’re focusing on negotiation. Women are four times less likely than their male counterparts to initiate a negotiation. Did you know that the gender wage gap that exists today has been blamed in large part on that fact?

Yet the media currently tailored specifically for young women tends to view them as one-dimensional. Content geared toward this demographic attempts to stereotype them and their interests.

We understand that young women today want real content that will help them get a few steps farther on the path they’ve chosen for their life. And that walk isn’t down the feminine hygiene aisle at the nearest grocery store.

At Moxy our tagline is “for women with big cojones and bigger dreams,” and our goal is to help women in their 20s and 30s make those big dreams a reality.

Right now we get about 1500 unique visitors a month and about twice that many page views. Moxy’s distribution as a completely online publication relies heavily on traffic building, increased online visibility, and high recognition by internet users in our target audience.

As Moxy grows I would like to further develop its brand and extend it, offering our readership products that will go beyond what we currently offer in our articles.

I believe Moxy will grow into a movement, not simply a woman’s magazine. In the future we hope to provide events, online and offline, to help more women realize their ideas of success. We will continue to feature female leaders and discuss overcoming obstacles and achieving big goals.

Earlier I mentioned our social media efforts and while there are still useful, free social media promotional resources, in order to be successful we must bring Moxy to the next level.  I envision a larger campaign, in which paid advertising is used.

In order to raise that money, we’re creating a product store that will offer both original Moxy products and affiliate projects that we feel are beneficial to our readers. We’re also going to be adding paid advertising to the site and will be reformatting some of our content into a printed format and making it available for purchase.

Currently, we’re looking for partners who can help us get the word out about what we’re doing and who can join us in creating content for the site, future ebooks and our store. So if there’s anything you can do to help, please grab my card, or stop me during lunch or at the end of the day to chat.

Thank you all very much for your time.


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