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I’ll Admit it… I’m Terrified

So it’s official. I’m going FT. As I walk bravely into the unknown I thought I’d share my concerns; then in a year ill come back and repost them, with how these things turned out.

Things I’m worried about :

1) My funds. I’ve set aside enough for 3 months living expenses at my current lifestyle; but I’m cutting expenses by moving into a place with cheaper rent. However the move requires acquiring a car. So there’s that. Still, the amount I have set aside should last me 6 months at my estimated cost of living in the new location–yet I’m terrified it won’t be enough, and that I won’t be able to make money to replace my savings.

2) My diligence. That once I’m out of an office and working from home I’ll find I lack the motivation necessary to truly succeed. That I’ll become lazy, and get up each day around noon, never change out of my PJs and fail to overcome the fears listed here because I never truly try. I’ve been in positions before where fear of failure prevented me from success. And I’m scared it’ll happen again.

3) That I will try, but I’ll find I’m just not good enough. That my writing will never by published or paid for; that somehow the freelance work I’ve done up until this point and my job as a writer and editor has been a fluke accident and no one will ever pay me to put words down again. Continue reading…

A Big Announcement

I’ve been a little scarce around the blogosphere lately, but there’s a good reason. I was ramping up for a big announcement. On Thursday I officially put in notice at the magazine where I’ve worked for the last three years. The magazine has a great team and I will miss all of them, but I reached a point where I felt a bigger goal that I’ve had for a long time was within my reach, so I’m going for it. My last day will be August 15th; then I’ll be freelancing full time.

I’ve learned a lot during my time at Pet Business and have built many wonderful relationships with my coworkers there.Without the chance they offered me, right out of school, I wouldn’t be the writer and editor I am today. I’ve grown a lot, both in who I am and in my skills and abilities, since I first took the job. Initially, the job offered me something few entry level positions would–a chance to immediately begin writing and seeing my work published. Unlike many positions, where I’d be restricted to answering phones and filing work, I’d be able to use the Masters Degree, which at that point I was still in the process of earning.

I’m leaving on good terms, with plans to continue writing for the magazine on a regular basis as a freelancer. My current boss has already asked me to  take over one of the regular monthly columns on a freelance basis. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the publication in that role even once I leave.

My freelance business will have three parts. First, I will continue to write for magazines, pitching articles to various publications including Pet Business. Second, I will build upon the copywriting work I have been doing part time for the last year. Third, I will offer my skills as an editor, working on both copywriting projects and on ebooks and book-length pieces.

I have many big goals for the road ahead, and many many fears that I will have to face–and gradually overcome. More on that later. For now, I’m excited about this new opportunity to grow.

Full time freelancers, do you have any tips for me? Part timers, am I crazy? Share you thoughts below.

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