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Recap of Week 1: Not Quite What I Expected

I’ve finished my first full week (well, almost full week) of freelancing.

I arrived in NC on Tuesday about midday and spent that evening as well as the rest of the week working. The thing that surprised me most? How much it doesn’t feel like work. Not having to go into an office and sit at a desk for 8 hours a day has meant I work from about 9:30 in the morning until close to midnight most days–but there are many more breaks, including some that last a couple of hours. As a result, I feel fresher and actually accomplish more.

I’ve also been surprised Continue reading…

Tips on Getting Published in Trade Magazines

Hey ladies and gents–the gracious Denene Brox did a interview with me recently over on Freelance Write Now to find out more about writing for trade magazines. Writing for trade magazines is a great way for beginning freelance writers to learn the ropes and gain some clips for their portfolios. The competition is often much lower at trade magazines and I have found that editors are much more responsive and open to offering freelance writing jobs to beginners. Check out the piece here!

Lessons From An Editor: 5 Tips for Phone Interviews

This is a new series here on Jargon Writer. I announced recently that I’m heading into the world of freelancing full time–but I learned a lot while working full time as a trade editor, and wanted to share those lessons and tips with you. 

In the last three years I’ve done more phone interviews that I could count for more articles than you’d want to read. During that time I’ve picked up some tips and tricks for keeping the interview process smooth, your information organized and to ensure you come off as professional as possible. Continue reading…

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