Recap of Week 1: Not Quite What I Expected

I’ve finished my first full week (well, almost full week) of freelancing.

I arrived in NC on Tuesday about midday and spent that evening as well as the rest of the week working. The thing that surprised me most? How much it doesn’t feel like work. Not having to go into an office and sit at a desk for 8 hours a day has meant I work from about 9:30 in the morning until close to midnight most days–but there are many more breaks, including some that last a couple of hours. As a result, I feel fresher and actually accomplish more.

I’ve also been surprised by how busy I’ve been. I expected my first few weeks to be full of downtime, as I worked to fill my client roster. Instead I’ve written guest posts for several sites and landed a new editing client; I researched sources for two articles I have in the works for a bridal magazine and interviewed others for a piece I’m working on for Pet Business. I also began to put together a new project that will hopefully create some reoccurring revenue with a minimal input of time each month (more on that later). Basically, I’ve been crazy busy.

While freelancing part time I didn’t understand how full-timers could just not have time to market themselves. Duh, I thought, it’s important and it should be a part of your week. But during week one I didn’t have any time to work on personal projects–with the exception of beginning to break down what I have to do to launch a syndicated newsletter.

Another thing that I just didn’t get was how hard it would be to stop working. As I mentioned, I’ve worked from 9:30 until midnight most days; this weekend I knew I needed to step away from the computer. But upcoming deadlines combined with not knowing many people in my new locale, it makes it way too easy to justify banging on my keyboard for just a little longer. This weekend I wound up putting things down and helping my Uncle build my Grandmother a new shed (yeah, I did that). But clearly shed-building is not an every-weekend occurrence. So some other way of finding balance needs to happen.

That said, it was a pretty damned good first week, all-in-all.

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