Sh!t Happens

I’ve been staying with my grandmother in North Carolina while beginning to hunt for an apartment in South Carolina; this past weekend my grandmother went on a retreat with her church and left me to watch the house and her dogs.

She has a large fenced backyard where she puts the dogs out during the day. Saturday night I let the dogs in, and one of them had a large gash down his side; he was bleeding all over the place. You could see the muscle underneath. It was terrible.

I called my uncle, who lives down the street, and we hauled the dog down to the emergency vet clinic half an hour away. We were there for four hours.

And, as if all that isn’t bad enough—I was on deadline for a client project. Ut oh. 

Clearly I wasn’t going to email my client while the dog was bleeding on the floor. Fortunately, I hadn’t been procrastinating; the project was mostly done. When we got home from the vet clinic that night I hopped straight on the computer and emailed her to let her know what was going on. I told her that I’d had an emergency (and what it was) and that I’d still have the project finished that evening, but it would probably be VERY late that evening.

True to my word I stayed up late that night until the project was finished and emailed it over to her. She emailed me to thank me for keeping her in the loop and we’re already discussing her next project.

Sh!t happens; the key is keeping your clients informed and then doing your best to make things right.

Have you ever had something go wrong while working on a project? How did you handle it? 

PS. Check out my guest post over on Suess’s Pieces today, From Writer to Writer, where I shared my top tips for freelancing. 

[Photo: Scottie and his staples]

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