Writers’ Week at Suess’s Pieces

I just wanted to pop in and tell all my wonderful readers that Emily from Suess’s Pieces has declared this week Writers’ Week over on her blog. She’s offering a bunch of awesome things for you to enjoy there, including an awesome writing contest (with prizes), resources for writers, and more (for the full week of wordy goodness, check out her schedule, here). In addition to prizes worth $726 Emily has promised scattered prizes throughout the week, including several amazing books (Stephen King’s 10th anniversary edition of On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, for example). 

Oh, and one more thing: she asked me if I’d be a judge for the writing contest. So sharpen those pencils (dust off those keyboards?), check out her prompts and  link to your contest entry over on her blog. I can’t wait to see some familiar names and sites as part of the contest.

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