At any given time I’m juggling a number of projects–here’s a quick reference guide on some of the things I’m doing.

TDJ aka The Day Job: Monday-Friday, 9-5, I work as an associate editor at a business to business magazine in Manhattan where you’ll find me writing up a storm about pet retail trends, product pricing strategies and how to market a pet store.

Building a Freelance Business: The main reason for this blog, I’m working to build a freelance business part time. I work with people who are passionate about what they do, helping them put that passion into words via their website and marketing materials. I also write for magazines and online publications. I’ve done everything from press releases for a graphic novelist who specialized in horror to covering a event on microorganisms.

PW aka Project Women: Originally conceived of as a version of Esquire magazine for women, this online magazine is still in the start up phase. While other women’s magazines focus on the superficial reader who aspires to great things, this magazine is geared toward the young professional woman who is accomplishing great things today. She is bold and plans to take the world by storm. She is the thought leader among her peers and is taking an active part in her future. She wants a richer, better, fuller and more meaningful life. It’s for the multi-faceted woman who wants to do and be it all. For more on this project, see this post.

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