I’ve done everything from press releases for a graphic novel by a horror writer to articles covering microorganisms used in composting. In the last year I have had over 40 articles published in nationally distributed magazines and have worked with several clients to develop marketing kits, press releases, PR Materials, web content and sales letters. I have held my current full-time position (as an editor for a business to business magazine) for two years, and plan to continue working with that company for the foreseeable future. However, my goal is to also build a profitable freelance writing business on the side. For more on this, check out my Goals page.

Below is a sampling of some articles available on the web. They are listed from most recent (top) to oldest (bottom).

The Little Organisms that Could
Vokashi Website

Prior to attending Eric’s presentation, I knew little, if anything, about Effective Microorganisms. As someone who isn’t particularly knowledgeable about science, I expected that I’d have a lot to learn – and I was right.

Consolidate This!

It’s easy when you’re in school to sign for a loan and promise to “pay it later.” It’s not always so easy, six months after you graduate, to start making those payments.

Back off the Buffet! How to Network Painlessly

Some people are naturally social butterflies. They flit about a room, tasting the conversations in each group, settling in naturally, making a few connections and then moving on.
Personally, I’ve always been more of caterpillar–slowing inching my way across the room, spending most of my time munching from the buffet.

Combating Gen-Y Stereotypes in the Workplace
Generation Y Journey
There are a number of articles out there today aimed at hiring managers, explaining how to work with Gen Y, to leverage us for the good of the company. But what can we do to help? How can we prove to our managers that the benefits in working with us far outweigh the detriments? Here are three tips Gen-Y employees can follow to show their managers they are worth their weight in gold.

Finding Your First Post-Dorm Room Home

The big day arrives, your name gets called – you shake someone’s hand and they give you your diploma. But then what happens? Real life intrudes.
Next to where will you work, where will you live is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. Finding an apartment isn’t always easy; but knowing what to ask and what to look for can help.

We’ve Decided to Go With Another Writer
ABC Copywriting Blog

No freelancer gets every assignment her or she pitches (and if they say they do they are lying). Instead of being discouraged, look again at the assignment and your pitch. Can you find why it wasn’t a good match? Did you know that it was a stretch before you applied?

Working with Gen-Y Has Its Perks!
SX Gen Y

Often Gen-Y is looked down upon for being the “now” generation; for our desire to skip the whole ladder-climbing-thing; for our love of informality and our desire to be recognized for our achievements. In truth, the assets to be had in working with gen-y are much greater than the detriments. Here are three steps managers can follow to encourage gen-y employees and leverage them for their full potential.

At What Price?
Pet Business Magazine

Pricing is a delicate process. If the price is too high, the product will have a great profit margin, but not many units will sell. If the price is too low, the product will move quickly, but the store won’t make a very good profit. The key is determining the highest price that will sell the maximum number of units.

Personal Branding – Improve Your Google-ability
Ezine Articles

Have you ever typed your name into Google? When you do, is it really you that comes up? It’s quickly becoming a well-known fact that HR personnel and hiring managers at many companies will type job applicants’ names into Google before deciding who to interview. What comes up when your name is fed to Google could determine whether or not you get a job.

A Place to Start
We the Bistro

While working on my undergraduate degree I spent a semester doing an independent study, creating articles and pitching to magazines in a hope to get published. In this article are some of the books I found helpful, and a short description of each of the books.

The Ethical Dilemma of Publishing News
Student Pulse

The Society of Professional Journalists publishes a code of ethics for journalists; among the rules listed is the journalist’s responsibility to seek the truth and report it and his responsibility to minimize harm (www.spj.org). These two ethical standards frequently come into conflict. When covering a story that will negatively impact the public it is often important for a news organization to break the story as quickly as possible. But they are also responsible for verifying the accuracy of each story so as not to misinform the public. When a paper fails to strike the proper balance between these two goals, not only does its reputation suffer, but often the person or organization falsely reported about also suffer in the public eye. News organizations have to balance their responsibility to do no harm to these individuals or organizations with the public’s right to know.

5 Questions I Didn’t know to Ask (and the answers I’ve found)
Lindsey Pollak Blog

My first interview I had an appointment to meet with Juree and Afua. I had no idea how to pronounce either woman’s name. If you’re ever stuck like this, just wait until evening, when it’s unlikely they will be in the office and call their voicemail. Most people include their name in their voicemail message and you can hear how they pronounce it. You can also always ask the receptionist when you arrive or by phone a few days before.

Words on Publishing & How to Get There
My first blog, chronicling my progress on breaking into publishing and the things I learned: everything from how to write a book proposal to the different types of paper.

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